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About Hunter Freese

From his early childhood, Hunter Freese was introduced to the art of illustrations by having his kindergarten teacher give him a clipboard and a pen to “keep still” during class. This was just the beginning! 

During his adolescence, Hunter was heavily influenced by traveling all around the world and experiencing the art of underground communities and international art museums.Over years of drawing throughout this time, he developed a special and personable style that captured the eyes of hundreds.

After his first official art show in 2015, “Creeps N’ Cities”, Hunter departed from traditional school and was accepted to Orange County School of the Arts in the digital media program. This allowed Hunter to perfect his craft and learn what it means to be an Artist. Since graduating from OCSA in 2019, Hunter has sold over a hundred original pieces.

hunter freese seated next to a drum set with his logo on it

About Hunter's artwork

Hunter Freese has captivated many with his distinctive detailed linework. From vast cityscapes, robotic overlords, and a plethora of Televisions, Freese’s artwork has developed unique pieces that capture the intricate imagination of the young artist. 

colorful soldier artwork by hunter freese

In recent years, his artwork has included mediums of watercolor and digital enhancement, which allows his artwork to “pack a punch.” Freese’s current creative endeavors include expanding his stylized illustrations by exploring other mediums to platform his expression through clothing, children’s books, and graphic design.

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